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our impact

Knowledge-Driven Change

Data drives strategy. We pioneered evidence-based, risk-stratification protocols and algorithms that enable employers and health systems to work together. Empowered by our software platform, payers and providers benefit from a strategy proven to enhance health, manage costs and positively impact payer mix.

our process

Market-Driven Development

Partner collaboration drives our development. In the new era of healthcare, change is a constant and agility is a competitive advantage. Applied Health Analytics stays ahead of the market by listening to the market. Our partners influence our development and benefit from the combined experience of leading health systems across the country.


our culture

Cumulative Learning

Applied Health Analytics stands with clients. We experience what they experience. We listen to their needs, understand their challenges and react with focus and agility. Ours is a culture of cumulative learning where success is the sum of our experience.

our role

Integrate, Enhance and Simplify

Tight budgets, more responsibility and too little time. Our response is certain: Develop a best-in-class, business-process support platform designed to maximize any commercial strategy. Applied Health Analytics turns silos into horizontally integrated business units that seamlessly optimize the delivery of programs and services. In the new era of healthcare, more can come from less.

"A population of one.

It all comes down to individual responsibility supported
 by an empowered and caring environment."

- Dan Birach
President, Corporate Health Services Carolinas HealthCare System


Michael Roizen, MD at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute discusses how Applied Health Analytics’ metrics and analytics are best-in-class to show ROI

The Crichton Group’s Austin Madison’s view on how to bend healthcare costs through partnerships and analytics


Improve Health, Reduce Costs

Hospitals and health systems ask "How do we enhance our financial performance without spending more?" Similarly, benefit consultants and employers struggle to create measurable incentive models that reward behavior change and enhance health.

Applied Health Analytics' National Users' Group

Applied Health Analytics’ Users' Group is a forum to share best practices and thought leadership as clients work together to identify risks within employee populations and create individualized health approaches to engage those at-risk.

BeneFactorIQ | Intelligence for Wellness


The engine driving change

For health systems, a successful strategy focuses on enhancing care and improving financial performance. Our suite of software applications provides health systems an evidence-based, business-process support platform to build their commercial strategies.


Consistent, Comprehensive
and Collective Learning

Our training and client development program permits management teams to optimize the full capability of BeneFactorIQ and the National Health Analytics Network in one-on-one, group and e-learning settings.

National Health
Analytics Network

Our network encourages population-health collaboration across the country. We enable providers and benefit consultants to work with multi-state employers to provide uniform, population health initiatives

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